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Accelerating Understanding of Fractions as Numbers through Visual Representations
In this session, participants will explore how educators can leverage student understandings from K-3 to promote success in operating with fractions, utilizing a focus on visual representations, vocabulary, and contextual situations. Experiences that third through fifth grade students have had operating with whole numbers, as well as their experiences with a variety of fraction representations will pave the way for their understanding of operations with fractions. Using a model for accelerating instruction, participants will explore how to help students connect these basic understandings of whole number operations to operations with fractions. For the sake of this session, multiplication will be used as an example. Participants will be able to apply the same structure in building a design for accelerating the learning of operating with fractions when using addition, subtraction, or division.

Participants will be able to...
• Identify pre-requisite understandings for multiplication with fractions, including vocabulary.
• Utilize visual models to support the understanding of multiplying with fractions.
• Utilize contextual situations provided, such as Think Tanks, to begin their accelerated instruction.
• Incorporate a framework for acceleration in their teaching of operations with fractions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

A few Guiding Questions to ponder...
• What does it mean to accelerate learning?
• How might teachers leverage what students know about multiplying whole numbers to accelerate their learning of multiplication with fractions?
• How might contextual situations, such as those in Fraction Think Tanks aid teachers in utilizing this model?
• How might teachers use what they learn about accelerating learning for multiplication of fractions to accelerate learning of addition, subtraction, and division with fractions?

Oct 28, 2021 06:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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